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Vacation spot

  • Near the house or on a garden site it is possible to create a rest corner. For this purpose use trunks of trees, stubs. Small additional strokes will help to issue this corner. The table gathers from boards. As a rule, its width should be not less than 60 - 80 sm, height - 75 see

    As a support for a table use the remained stubs or roughly processed boards connected together. The support fastens to a plane of a table by means of a cross-section crossbeam, the left part of a table leans against the horizontal element attached to columns or adhered to trunks of trees.

    Benches do of boards and reek. As a support for them stubs or halves of logs can serve.

    For a canopy use rejki and a cord. The pendant frame on the one hand is attached to trees, another is suspended on cords. Between two rejkami the rod (or a pole) which bears all design of a canopy with twisted greens is inserted metal.

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