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Wall-paper (a part 2)

  • The panel Smeared with paste put, since the top end, to a wall and iron a pure rag or a brush at first along the cloth middle, then short and soft blows press edges. Edges smooth the special platen. A following panel paste, carefully adjusting drawing of wall-paper to the previous. Discrepancy of a pattern is supposed only on 0,5 mm. When all walls will be pasted over, it is possible to paste above a border or a frieze (a narrow strip in tone of wall-paper).

    In a hand operating time should be dry and pure that on wall-paper does not remain stains. Wall-paper of light tones needs to be smoothed, necessarily enclosing under a rag or a brush a paper blank leaf. That there were no wrinkles, bubbles and dark stains, wall-paper should be pasted at the closed windows. The pasted over surfaces should be preserved against draughts, excessive humidity, a sun abundance.

    Glue for wall-paper is on sale in shops. Best of them "-ыхщ юсющэ№щ" (from a flour), "-ыхщ obojnyj ёшэ=х=шёхёъшщ" "-ыхщ obojnyj -¦Н" and "-ыхщ-71".

    First two are necessary for preparing for work. For preparation of flour glue a powder of dry glue fill in with a water small amount, carefully pound before reception kashitsy, pour in it in hot water and boil 5 - 10 minutes, continuously stirring slowly; then a mix cool. 0,5 kg of glue there are enough for preparation of paste of 8 l.

    "-ыхщ obojnyj ёшэ=х=шёхёъшщ" and "-ыхщ obojnyj -¦Н" let out in packages on 0,5 kg. Package contents are filled in with 8 l of water and leave for swelling and dissolution on 6 - 8 hours. Then the formed paste stir. It can be stored within 10 days.

    At gluing of wall-paper flour and synthetic glues first of all it is necessary to miss the mark with paste the plastered walls and at once after that to paste newsprint preliminary missed the mark with paste. When the paper will dry up, on it paste wall-paper missed the mark with paste, levelling them and driving into the corner. The expense of paste on 1 m 2 surfaces - about 140

    Washing wall-paper pastes "-ыххь-71". It very well to paste and usual wall-paper both on the plastered walls, and on whitewashed and painted by an oil paint. In the latter case preliminary to paste over walls with a newsprint it is not necessary.

    At pasting of walls by washing wall-paper it is necessary to miss the mark with glue and a wall and wall-paper. The expense of glue on 1 m 2 from 250 till 350 can be pasted Them also any polivinilatsetatnym glue - "¤-+" "¤-+-+" "Ршэ=х=шёхёъшщ for с№=р" "¦¤-+" etc. or kazeinovym (in a powder).

    After whitewashing or pasting of walls by wall-paper start painting of doors and window frames. Old colouring should be cleaned off a chisel, to wash frames and doors, to allow to them to dry out well. Then proshpatlevat oil putty. For shpatlevki apply such structure: drying oil - 1 kg, sikkativ - 50 g, glue (10%-s' solution) - 200 g, soap economic - 20 g, a chalk ground - to working viscosity. When shpatlevka will dry out, the surface should be wiped pumice and an emery paper.

    To check up quality of drying oil, it is necessary to put it a thin equal layer on a piece of glass and to put glass at an angle 45°. Drying oil will flow down and will leave the most thin layer on glass. Good drying oil, or oksol, in 12 hours will dry up so that at a light touch the trace does not remain a finger on it also. In 24 hours the film should dry up definitively. The great value looks like the film which have dried up on glass: it should be transparent and homogeneous. The film of qualitative drying oil is cut off by a tip of a knife in the form of a thin elastic shaving; If drying oil is excessively diluted by solvent, the film is scratched out badly. If the film is erased in a powder at a friction by a finger or rastreskivaetsja in the course of drying, it means that we deal with a substitute (for example kanifolnym a varnish). The grease, long not drying up film testifies that in drying oil there is a mineral oil. Such drying oil for work is unsuitable.

    Not to soil windowpanes, before painting paste soap on glass along frames of a strip of a paper.

    It is necessary to Paint from an once, driving a brush from top to down and watching that dabs laid down exactly. To drive a brush some times in the same place does not follow. The brush should be held steeply, without inclining; and to paint only with the bristle ends, without doing pressing.

    The Door before painting should be checked up: whether it has settled, whether is well closed, as hold screws. Settled door can be lifted. The subsidence reasons can be different: screws badly hold loops, the bottom parts of loops were used up, the box from settling designs of the house has warped. If badly hold screws, it is necessary to turn out and replace them with longer. Sometimes it is necessary to move loops.

    If the door has settled that the bottom parts of loops were used up, it is necessary to lift a door by means of wedges closely to top brusku boxes to define distance between the used up loops. Then it is necessary to bend from a wire a ring on the size of the probe of a loop, to remove a door, to put on the ring probe, to grease with lubricating oil, tavotom or vaseline and to put on a door loops.

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