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  • If walls in apartment are pasted over by wall-paper, and you wish to cover with their glutinous paint, it is necessary to wet preliminary wall-paper hot water, then to remove from walls. After that proshpatlevat.

    If you wish to paste over walls with wall-paper, it is necessary to choose first of all wall-paper of corresponding colour and drawing Drawing can be different in the size (large, average or small) and to character (thematic or abstract).

    Choosing colour of wall-paper, it is necessary to consider premise orientation first of all: the rooms leaving on a sunny side, should be pasted over with green or grey-bluish wall-paper, and rooms in which the sun seldom looks, - wall-paper of warm yellow-greenish, yellow or orange shades. Thus the general tonality should be warmer in the north and colder in the south.

    The more darkly a room, the wall-paper should be more light. To consider and reflexion of the next colours: if before windows there is a green lawn light in a room will be greenish, and if a brick wall, reddish.

    The Essential role at a colour choice is played also by the size of a room. For example, light, but the small room will seem more if its walls are painted by bluish or greenish colour as cold tone as though move apart walls. Warm colours possess opposite property.

    The Size of a room defines also the size of drawing of wall-paper. Large and bright drawing reduces volume, wall-paper in a longitudinal strip as though raises a ceiling, in cross-section - expands a room.

    Moisture resistant wall-paper is very convenient: they can be wiped a damp rag. There are different kinds of wall-paper: imprinted, goffered, relief, wall-paper "яюф °хыъ" and others.

    For pasting of subsidiary premises - kitchens, corridors, forward - it is possible to recommend so-called washing wall-paper. They differ from moisture resistant: these are usual wall-paper, but their surface. It is covered by a thin layer polihlorvinila. It is possible to wash such wall-paper even with hot water with soap, but for pasting of premises they are unsuitable: the polymeric film does not pass air.

    To Paste over premises with wall-paper is better in the summer.: top of the plastered walls first of all clear from natekov whitewashing (nabelov), then rub clean circular motions of roughness a wooden grater (thus hold it flatwise), and hollows cover shpatlevkoj and then grind pumice. Before wall pasting should be absolutely dry. In a window operating time should be closed, to air a premise it is possible only after wall-paper absolutely will dry out.

    From dry plaster it is not necessary to clean Walls, however between leaves it is necessary to stick joints in 2-3 layers with paper strips.

    If walls wooden, they have to to allow dry out within a year after construction. Walls rublenyh houses demand special preparation. All grooves between logs close up zapodlitso triangular wooden bruskami, and the remained seams cover shpatlevkoj or stick with paper strips. After that walls cover with hot paste,

    Sometimes walls wooden rublenyh houses sheathe cardboard sheets. For this purpose a cardboard cut on pieces of the necessary size, slightly humidify with water and pile. When the cardboard will be straightened, it nail up end-to-end to a wall with wide hats. Drying up, the cardboard stretches, and on it does not remain wrinkles. That from nails further there was no stain of a rust, their hats grease shpatlevkoj and cover spirit with a varnish.

    The Prepared walls paste over with newspapers, using cold, with paste from a flour, simultaneously smear the newspaper and a wall. Sometimes a wall paste over with newspapers in two layers. When you will paste over with newspapers all room, start to glue wall-paper. Thin wall-paper pastes vnahlestku, and dense - end-to-end. In the first case cut off only one edge, and in the second - two.

    Wall-paper always starts to glue from a window that the seam did not reject an appreciable shade. Therefore at the pieces intended for pasting of the right wall (from a window), cut off the left edge, and at the pieces intended for pasting of the left wall, - the right edge.

    Wall-paper cuts on the panels which length should be slightly more necessary: surplus is cut off on a ruler a sharp knife directly on a wall right after by labels. If drawing of wall-paper large at cutting it is necessary to watch that patterns of the next panels have coincided subsequently; if drawing small, discrepancy is not very appreciable.

    The Cut panels stack face sheets downwards on the floor covered with pure newspapers. The lateral edge of each following panel (considering from top to down) should act aside on 1,5 - 2 see So to put conveniently as at greasing by paste the face sheet of wall-paper will not be soiled. Thin wall-paper coats with cold paste once, dense - warm paste two times.

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