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Warming of young trees

  • In areas with severe winters orchards should be put, as a rule, in the spring. The cherry in a midland also is the most expedient for putting in the spring.

    To protect from vymerzanija root system of young trees of the apple-tree planted in the autumn, they are necessary for hilling. Usually it do simultaneously with landing or a bit later, but it is obligatory before frosts. Round a tree trunk fill a hillock of the earth in height 15 - 20 sm and well condense it. Warm root system also peat, manure and other loosening materials, displaying them round a tree a layer at 8-12 see

    For protection against winter damages and frosts trunks of young trees and the basic branches tie with branches of coniferous breeds, stalks of a cane, sunflower and corn. Sometimes apply obvjazku, popular prints, roofing felt. Such obvjazka protects also from hares and mice.

    Obvjazku of trees make in the late autumn, but it is obligatory before frosts and snow loss. Good protection against burns is whitewashing izvestju trunks and the basic boughs of young trees. She should be spent also in the late autumn.

    In areas where a lot of snow drops out and approach of strong frosts is supposed, trees hill snow, nagrebaja it to a tree to level of the basic skeletal branches.

    It is necessary to remove materials with pristvolnyh circles as soon as possible as they detain warming up of soil and the beginning of growth of roots in the Spring.

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