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  • At each repair, whether it be ceiling whitewashing, colouring of walls by a glutinous paint or pasting by wall-paper, it is necessary preliminary prokuporosit the places planned to repair.

    For processing of 35-40 m 2 the area in wooden ware or an old tank needs to pour in three buckets of water and to pour a bucket of the sifted chalk. Then kg copper kuporosa to dissolve separately in hot water, watching that crystals were completely dissolved. Separately it is necessary to dissolve also in hot water 300 g joiner's glue and 400 g a laundry soap. Having mixed soap with glue and having added a few drying oils, to pour in a mix in a solution kuporosa (to pour in one soap solution in kuporos it is impossible as the mix will be curtailed). The received mix should be poured in a tank with water and a chalk, well having mixed.

    It is necessary to cover with the Received structure carefully 1-2 times ceilings and walls. It is necessary to remember that kuporos the eater and spoils floors, doors, windows, furniture. To cover kuporosom it is better in the evening that for night of a wall and a ceiling have well dried out.

    If in the course of repair it is necessary to make plaster for this purpose the special solution becomes. It prepare so: in corresponding ware {a box, a trough) get mixed up the limy dough and sand in the ratio 1:2 (1:4 depending on fat content to exhaust), then add small sand and water, continuously mixing. Adding sand, a solution lead up to normal density. To define density easily: it is necessary to dip a wooden stick into a solution and to look, whether the solution keeps on it or flows down. The normal solution sticks to a stick in a small amount, and too dense - is strong. In such a way it is possible to check quality and other building solutions.

    To Enter plaster into a limy solution it is necessary from calculation 1 part of plaster on 2-3 parts of a limy solution. In ware with plaster pour water, mix before formation smetanoobraznoj weights. Then this weight shift in a limy solution and carefully mix.

    Premise Whitewashing can be made only after plaster will dry up. The mix for whitewashing prepares so: in hot water dissolve separately salt from calculation 100 - 150 g on a bucket of a limy solution. In 5 - water l would stir 3 - 4 kg of the limy test, pour in there a solution of salt and add water so that 10 l of a solution have turned out. If to this limy solution to add a pigment (dry ink) proof to alkalis, for example ohru, a mummy or minium, the limy paint will turn out. It is necessary to mean that limy whitewashing without a paint has a yellowish shade, therefore For reception of white colour it is necessary to add to a solution a few ultramarine (blues).

    For premise whitewashing it is possible to prepare a mix and under such recipe: a chalk ground - 1 kg, ultramarines - 30 - 35 g, joiner's glue dry - 60 - 80 g, water - to a working consistence (nearby 3.

    Before painting walls with a glutinous paint, it is necessary to ground them, i.e. To cover with such structure; a lace aljumokalievyj (300 , soap economic (200 , 10%-s' solutions of animal glue (1,5), drying oil (25 - 30 ), a chalk (1,5 - 2,5 kg). At first in 2 l of water dissolve a lace. If there is no lace, it is possible to take 100 - 150 g copper kuporosa. Glue presoak in cold water - for 8 - 10 hours before first coat preparation, then plant with boiled water (100 g glue on 1 l of water). Then a solution kuporosa pour in in hot glue. Soap dissolve separately in hot water. In this solution, continuously stirring slowly, pour in the specified portion of drying oil. Received emulsiju pour out in a mix kuporosa and glue. After that add a chalk and all plant with water before reception of a mix of 10 l. Make a first coat, rubbing clean cracks, roughnesses, and allow to walls to dry out well within days. If cracks big, rub clean them special putty by which do so: 1 kg of plaster about 2,5 kg of the sifted chalk get mixed up, the received mix fill in with 10%-s' glutinous solution before reception of pastelike weight.

    Now walls can be bleached. If you wish them to paint, it is necessary to prepare a paint.

    Defined koler receive by mixing of several basic paints:

    • white - whitewash and a few ultramarine or the Berlin azure mix; light grey - whitewash and there is some soot; the more soot, the more darkly grey tone;

    • barhatno-black - soot with a small amount of the Berlin azure;

    • pink - whitewash with a carmine, a red varnish or other red paint;

    • blue - whitewash with ultramarinom or whitewash with the Berlin azure;

    • is gentle-green (salad) - whitewash, yellow crones and the Berlin azure; combining their quantity, it is possible to receive the diversified green tone;

    • dark green - 3 parts of whitewash and 1 part Parisian

    • greens;

    • olive - soot and yellow ohru;

    • violet - whitewash, ultramarines and cinnabar;

    • light yellow - whitewash and yellow crones.

    To Mix paints follows not in a dry kind, and pounded or dissolved.

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