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Works of art in your house

  • Fine arts and sculpture Product, and also the art industry and an applied art play an important role in decorating of an interior of modern dwelling. Pictures, small sculptures, art, ceramics or a reproduction if they are on a suitable place and are harmoniously combined with surrounding conditions, will decorate apartment, will bring heat and a cosiness in a life of people. First of all it is necessary to notice that bezrazbornoe the heap of various subjects of an ornament will not make your apartment better. Do not try to transform the apartment into a museum. If in a room on one wall at you the print hangs, put 1 - 2 ceramic vases, one on a floor, another on a rack - in a room becomes cosier.

    At a choice of a place for a picture or other work of art it is necessary to consider colour of wall-paper, walls, a kind of plaster, furniture, illumination and so forth Important value has as well at what height to hang up a picture where to put a sculpture, a vase, products from ceramics. The modern low furniture demands, that pictures hung at small height - 1,3 - 1,7 m from a floor. The product plot should correspond to that premise in which it is. It is possible to place graphic product or a small sculpture, on a plot close to professional interests of the owner. In a dining room it is possible to hang up a still-life, in the general room - a landscape, a colour art reproduction. For a children's room the pictures close on subjects to interests and a life of children approach. Besides art, they render also certain educational influence. Pictures in a children's room need to be hung up so that children could not reach them. Bedroom the picture or an art reproduction too can decorate.

    The picture Frame should correspond to a plot, tone and its size, and also style of furniture. In this respect gross blunders are often supposed: drawing products are inserted into wide bronze frames, and the pictures written by oil, hang up without a frame, only under glass, and it is better on the contrary. Acting elements of fastening very ugly look. It is necessary to do their hidden.

    Pottery can be placed among books, on a regiment with kitchen ware, on a carpet, on a floor, on a coffee table, on a sideboard or on a separate shelf.

    The ornament Choice is defined first of all in the size and premise appointment. The vase put about an armchair, a floor lamp will decorate a spacious room, but is absolutely inappropriate in small as blocks up it. Here it is better to be limited to a small wall or pendant vase. The ceramics on book shelves very looks well. It put so that it did not cover backs - books, and larger vases - near to books or on open regiments. Here vases with an accurate contour, as on a regiment first of all "ёш=рх=ё " are pertinent; not colour, not a list, and a silhouette. Figures of animals, vases, also it is possible to put souvenirs on regiments.

    On a small little table put one-two subject, and on a dining table - one large vase, for example with fruit. For low coffee tables it is better to choose high narrow vases or absolutely flat cups, plates, low round vases.

    Ashtrays, karandashnitsy, it is necessary to select candlesticks so that the form, colour and their list were in harmony with other subjects of furniture.

    Not necessarily symmetrically to place ceramics, a sculpture and other decorative subjects. Asymmetric arrangement brings a composition a variety. For example, the flat ceramic plate and a high jug make a fine composition but if instead of a ceramic plate to put one more jug or the high vase, all charm will be gone, there will be a feeling of inconsistency. Small subjects can be placed groups. For example, dymkovskie the toys put by a ring or abreast, form a bright colour stain which can become the central and natural ornament of a room. It is necessary to consider combinations of colours also: fine combinations give light grey and brick-red, black and citreous, black and white, turquoise and dark brown. The brown, yellow, blue, pink ceramics is well combined with glass.

    Floor vases became an essential part of furniture of the modern house. Their height fluctuates from 40 to 70 Vases of the smaller size on a floor see it is not necessary to put. They are better for placing on a regiment, a low locker. Are especially good on a vase floor matte, rough, with the coarse-grained invoice. They well look on a smooth brilliant parquet and at the same time are wonderfully combined with soft pile of a carpet. To put floor vases it is possible at an armchair, in a corner of a room or at a wall, in an interval between furniture if there is enough space and a vase it will not appear zatisnutoj in a narrow crack. The floor vase on a carpet or at a window against the wide curtain closing all wall from a floor to a ceiling is very beautiful. However here the invoice and colour of a material are important. So, the vase with a list of soft soft tones is perfectly combined with a colourful carpet or a dark heavy tapestry material. And black, gustokrasnaja or the light green vase will make pleasant contrast with light furniture and easy curtains.

    The Graceful ceramic vase put on a checkered napkin, or bright yellow, red or blue service on a table - (at table layout for visitors) with small salfetochkami which put under each device (from a severe cloth, checkered or smooth without drawing), will recover colour scale of an interior.

    A ceramics and metal Combination in wall vases and kashpo, in specially made openwork supports, decorative metal lattices to which ceramic vases with the flowers are attached, also will decorate an interior of your apartment.

    The Special charm is got by ceramics in a combination to a tree. Often use very narrow shelves in the form of windows. Usually they become stronger on a wall, for example over a dining table. Such windows very effectively submit each thing put in them, create round it the closed, accurately issued space, an original microcosm in which this thing lives. In such windows put any souvenir, a vase, small kuvshinchik which can be lost among other things,

    Ready recipes does not exist. There are only any general principles of modern furniture of the house. It is necessary to approach to a choice and ceramics arrangement creatively. Buying a floor vase or a small vase for colours, an ashtray or kashpo, it is necessary to ask itself a question: and where this subject will stand, how will look in the neighbourhood with other things and in the given room?

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