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your rest (a part 2)

  • Gathering in an one-day campaign, sometimes it is necessary to grasp a raincoat or a warm sweater. The most important thing is the convenient footwear. Is better to put on sports boots, tennis shoes, linen or leather shoes on a low heel. Do not put on them a bare foot not to rub feet, it is better to put on socks. For longer walking it is necessary to put on woollen socks, even in the greatest heat.

    It is necessary to take Products not perishable, it is better canned food, vegetables, fruit, any drinks, and in the quantity depending on for what time you leave the house. However it is not necessary to take with itself too many products not to carry superfluous weight and that it was not necessary to take away the remained products back home. Sandwiches is better to wrap up a pergament paper and to put in sacks from a synthetic material. Parchment and sacks are convenient because through them the kindled oil or jam does not proceed. A food is better to carry in a bag, it is more convenient plastic which is easy for washing up, or in a flat basket, in case of long excursion - in a bag through a shoulder or in a backpack. On excursion it is necessary to put on so that weather changing was not unpleasant unexpectedness.

    During a rain do not touch walls and a tent roof - it will start to get wet.

    How to clear muddy water? Throw in a bucket a pinch of aluminium alum - and dregs will settle. In a campaign do not drink from unfamiliar sources. Water necessarily will boil or disinfect margantsovokislym kaliem.

    Know, a yellow mosquito net - reliable protection. Mosquitoes are afraid of yellow colour.

    Tent usually put a back wall to a dominating wind.

    That in a campaign of a match have not got wet, each box dip into the fused paraffin, wrap up a paper and paste over with an adhesive plaster.

    The canvas Piece will replace to you a raincoat, a laying on a halt, tent on a lodging for the night, will cover from a rain, will be protection against the sun.

    To Keep from ants sugar and other products on a halt and a lodging for the night easy. It is necessary to fill round a backpack the thin platen from wood ashes from a fire.

    Never go to a campaign in new boots. Boots should be obnoshennymi, but strong and should not press at all.

    Wet footwear on a halt necessarily dry up. At a fire dry cautiously, far away from fire, and is better in a smoke. It is possible to fill wet boots dry hay and to hang up on a wind. They will quickly dry out.

    Try to prepare a shish kebab from mushrooms. Cut off a thin willow twig, remove from it a peel, point one end. Then string hats of mushrooms. Hardly having salted, roast them on pieces of coal of a dying away fire.

    Than a backpack not the house? Both bed, and kitchen, both clothes, and a drugstore, and a workshop, and even bibliotechka - all on a back. But in it there should not be nothing superfluous. We will prepare all efficiently! Straps too narrow - do not suit. If them to sheathe a heavy cloth, and atop - a thin matter, they will not run into a body. Heavier stocks - products, the tool, devices - we will lay on a bottom (so will be ustojchivee), to a back - soft things (a sweater, vests etc.). The tent, a sleeping bag is better for adhering from above a backpack. That is required to a thicket, we will put in backpack pockets (soap, a towel, a mug). Everything that can deteriorate from water, we will turn in an oilcloth, a polyethylene film or we will hide more deeply in the middle.

    We Will give, to a backpack the convenient form bent on a back. We will adjust length of straps that the basic weight has had on a waist. And now we will stir up a backpack. Whether something rattles? We will clasp all pockets and valves. The backpack is ready. Good luck!

    To prepare for ski storage, at first carefully remove from them the rests of old ointment. To do it it is necessary cotton wool or a rag moistened in kerosene or gasoline. After that skis dry, warm up on the sun, grease with ointment and put on rasporki. Leather loops and fastenings cover with a colourless shoe cream, and metal - tavotom or vaseline, In this kind of a ski and the ski equipment can be stored till next winter. Preparing the fads for storage, it is necessary to grease them tavotom, and then to wrap each fad in oiled or a wax paper.

    For the summer period ski boots grease with the ointment prepared from a mix: 3 table spoons of cod-liver oil and 1 table spoon kastorovogo oils. Ointment should be warmed up a little then it is better absorbed in a skin.

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