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  • On Saturday and Sunday all family in gathering, nobody hastens for work. To go out of town these days became kind tradition. Children get used to cheerful Sunday travel, in advance dream of them, prepare, invite the friends. And when they become adults, will get families will arrive by an example of the parents, imparted it kind, good tastes and hobbies.

    Certainly, in a family not at all identical interests and propensities, yes it absolutely and not necessarily. One takes a great interest in theatre, another prefers a polytechnical museum, the third gives all free time to a collecting of marks. But the love to physical training, sports and the reasonable relation to rest becomes that cement which fastens these different hobbies, strengthens a family.

    Parents should be engaged in physical culture not only in interests of own health (though also it is very important), but also for the sake of health of children. What happiness when children grow strong, tempered! And if parents wish to impart to the son or the daughter hygienic skills, to temper them, to accustom to physical culture, they, first of all, should show in it a personal example.

    It is possible to convince weeks the child of advantage of morning gymnastics but if parents, having heard in the morning vigorous sounds of a sports march, hasten to switch off radio or supervise over gymnastics "=хюЁх=шёхёъш" no sense will exist. Other business if in the morning mum or the daddy rises on gymnastics.

    Having promised, for example, to the son to go with it on Sunday on skis, the father should keep a word by all means. If mum learns a daughter "чръры =іё , as ё=рыі" she should be set an example. And there, you look, mum at least with a view of consolidation of the parental authority, and to float it is necessary to learn, and in badminton to play.

    And to what rest in a tourist campaign on a native land can be compared? Gathering in a tourist campaign in the summer or in the winter, necessarily take with itself a backpack. With a suitcase to travel inconveniently.

    In a backpack should be: warm linen, a sweater, spare trousers and spare sports boots, woollen socks. Women can grasp one more skirt and two crease-resistant easy blouses with short sleeves. From toilet accessories it is necessary to take with itself 2 towels, soap in a plastic soap tray, cologne, vaseline, a brush, a tooth-paste, a cream and the device for shaving.

    Tourists who intend to make more a long trip, especially on foot or on a kayak, should take with themselves the first-aid set, it is a little products (canned food, dry sausage, chocolate), a spirit-lamp and a plaid, and in the winter - a sleeping bag.

    Both in the winter, and it is recommended to take a sports suit in the summer; it is very convenient, practical and easily erased clothes. Going to a tourist campaign, it is necessary to grasp with yourself a card of that district where you are going to go, a compass. The card is better for holding in a tablet. Compasses on group it is necessary to have not less than two, on a case of damage or uteri. The compass is more convenient for carrying on a hand.

    The Best ware in a campaign - aluminium kettles (on one for two). Tourist kettles which you can find in shops, are very convenient, as the aluminium flask made under the form of a kettle and consequently not taking separate place densely enters into them.

    Besides, it is necessary to take a capacious pan or a bucket, from calculation 1,5 - 2 litres on the person. Everyone should have a personal mug, a spoon and a penknife.

    Products should be packed so that they have not become wet in case of a rain. For fats the metal ware, for loose products - polyethylene sacks is necessary. Нe forget to take greens, spices.

    Going on a route deprived of natural fuel, it is necessary to take with itself spirit kitchen (dry spirit is on sale in shops of the economic goods) or a marching kerosene stove. Kerosene needs to be poured in a metal screwed up tank which hold in an external pocket of a backpack.

    It is necessary to grasp and the lanterns, not less than two on group, and for electric lanterns - batteries and bulbs.

    Matches should be packed into densely closed metal box or to turn in a waterproof fabric.

    Gathering for a beach or long walk, it is necessary to think of corresponding clothes and food also.

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